Support organisations

Nearly Wild is starting to work with a range of organisations who seek to develop the nature based economy. This includes a wide range of public, third and private sector organisations such as ReWilding Britain, the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and Small Woods Association to name a few.

In addition we are also currently developing some nature based business support projects of our own. More information to follow soon. We are also working with partners to develop training and support for organisations and staff wantbing to support and develop more nature based business and economies.

Our work with support organsiations icnludes supporting them in working with local people and groups in innovative and participatory ways to:

  • Understanding what nature based business we have
  • Understanding the ‘appetite to develop new ones’
  • Understanding the supply chains
  • Understanding the growth potential

Our work seeks to increase collaboration amongst nature-based business and their markets (customers & supply chain) to mutual benefit, creating a community of buyer and seller in the same ‘space’.

The aim is to strengthen nature-based business activity to underpin a more sustainable green economic base, for both individual commercial activity and that of the wider sector. It is also implicit that support for nature-based business will have a positive effect on personal, social and environmental wellbeing.

We contribute to developing a business sector which is redefining itself within an expanding market around natural awareness, sustainability and new approaches to how we use our natural resources.

Broadly speaking, our approach is to:

  • Map nature-based business, including the research to find and identify nature-based businesses and commercial activity, and sometimes the production of a user-friendly cartoon infographic maps.
  • Work up a definition of nature-based business that we feel is reliable and meaningful and relevant to the area.
  • Identify and define the supply chains for the nature-based businesses that we map, and build new and stronger links between the businesses and their buyers (the providers and explorers).
  • Start to create a ‘hive’ of nature-based business activity, where businesses are more aware of others in this sector, can explore opportunities for collaboration, and where potential buyers (both local and visitors) can more easily find out about the nature-based products and services that are available.

Please contact us now for more information (see link at bottom of page)