Royal Geographic Society Explore weekend

Steve attended the Royal Geographic Society (RGS) Explore event in London ( )  for the first time this November which proved an interesting opportunity to network and hosted a range of interesting presentations. The event has a number of elements which includes:

  • presentations
  • workshops
  • stands and stalls from relevant organisations
  • networking and informal time

It wasn't just about rich and well connected explorers telling impressive macho stories, but also hosted arts discussions, scientific expeditions, cultural sharing, presentations challenging historic approaches to exploration and making exploration more meaningful, as well as tales from fun and interesting trips. All in all a very interesting event and lots of good opportunities to network. The audience, whilst a lot less varied than I would have liked, was well mixed across genders and age, though less so in relation to cultural and income background. Having said that, all the people I spoke to were very welcoming, interested to share knowledge and I was pleased how many young explorers were there. It is clear RGS is keen to develop diversity at this event and I would recommend that anyone interested in undertaking bigger, longer or wider explorations should seriously consider attending next year. The greater the range of explorers that attend, the richer the event will become and I think build on what is already shaping up to be a very helpful and interesting gathering. Overall, I would say congratulations RGS on an excellent event.

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