Nearly Wild Exploration concept begins….

Well, since my trip to the Himalaya to climb a rarely climbed peak, I have not really been writing blogs. This is not because I haven't had anything to blog, but rather because I have just been very busy with other things. So what has been going on?

We have now got Nearly Wild Camping ( fully up and running and growing fast.

We have been finishing building work (still some to do) on our smallholding at Underhill Farm. It is fast developing as a place for informal learning and raising awareness of exploration of the Nearly Wild.

Nearly Wild has been fast developing as a concept and there are now lots of interesting ideas, projects and activities in the pipeline.

We have also been doing lot of exiting things including walking the Tour de Mont Blanc as a family, scuba diving, trips into the mountains, to islands, wildlife watching and much more.

So, watch this space, lots more to come!