Nearly Wild…..A place for generalists…..

In a world that is constantly trying to 'pigeon hole' us, Nearly Wild aims to provide space for the generalists.....

How many times have I been asked, are you a climber, kayaker, birdwatcher, environmentalist, artist, permaculturalist, poet, greenwood worker, mountaineer, camper, forester, ...... NO!!................. I enjoy all of them. I just love exploring the natural world and doing it in lots of fun ways. A natural wanderer perhaps? An explorer of the Nearly Wild? I am a generalist but with a passion for the natural world and learning more about it.

Hopefully through Nearly Wild we can find a space where as generalists we can share ideas, opportunities and socialise without having to join a particular interest group.

After all, there must be a lot of us out there....... people would hardly have survived for thousands of years by bushcraft, smallholding and other activities if we were all natural specialists!!