Information & Guidance

We are slowly developing a number of blogs, videos and other materials to help people explore the natural world and specifically support a more nature based economy. This includes insights we gain from our own trips and experiences, as well as interviews and guidance from existing nature based enterprises and those who support them.

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Nature & Everyday Life

How we can trade and / or buy to support nature. Nature based opportunities for home, work and everyday life.

Produce & Uses of Nature

How we use nature and natural resources to produce products from food and drink to goods made from natural products.

Art & Spirituality

Natural product and art, health and mental wellbeing and a more natural spirituality.

Citizen Science & Volunteering

How can you put something back for the benefit of nature. Volunteering, helping with citizen science and other ways to get involved.

Adventure & Hobbies

How to build nature into you your hobbies and pursuits and supporting and / or developing businesses that take a more nature based approach to adventure, outdoor pursuits and hobbies.

Nature & The Wild

Opportunities to develop a nature based economy with natural spaces, wilding and nature based experiences in wilder placesĀ 


Information for those seeking products, services and experiences. From how to find things, ideas on how to explore nature through to how to get engaged in and /or support nature based business.

Ues the tabs below to choose they type of information you are looking from depending on whether you are an explorer; a nature based busienss / provider or an organisation (or person working for) with with and promnoting nature based enterprises.