Current projects

Arwain funded project - We are very pleased to have been given a Leader grant to support us in developing a better understanding of nature based businesses in Powys, Wales. We hope this will help us:

  • find nature based businsses in Powys;
  • research and improve supply chains;
  • find better ways to link with buyers and the market;
  • develop a joint learning and sharing nature based busienss network.

Job opportunity - applications now closed

Nearly Wild Camping - We continue to support the ongoing development of Nearly Wild Camping, the membership owned organisation we established some years ago, now a growing network of campers and locations providing a wilder camping experience across the UK.

Hoveton Great Broad - We have been working with the Hoveton Great Broad project in Norfolk, run by Natural England. As part of this we produced a cartoon visual map to explain the project and recently finished a short video for the nature trail. Trail video

Small Woods Association - Working with our partners are Small Woods Association we have been developing some new training. The first of these covering Woods and Wellbeing was run in the summer of 2019. We have a number of other courses currently in development.

Newborough Forest - Nearly Wild developed a simple cartoon visual map to help explain the site and some of its management.

Nearly Wild Weaving - We have designed, developed and run a number of interactive community weaving projects and training courses, (under the banner Nearly Wild Weaving) engaging people in observing nature and the natural world with a 'weaverly eye'.

Shows and events - Nearly Wild hosted stands, ran workshops and gave main stage talks at a number of events throughout 2019. These included the Wilderness Gathering and the Top of the Gorge Festival amongst others.