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Interview about Nearly Wild Exploration

Here is short film of Steve being interviewed about Nearly Wild Exploration at the Landscapes for life conference in July.  In it Steve is asked to explain a little more about how he thinks we can reconnect with the natural world.

Sherpa – documentary film review

  The 2016 Llanberis Mountain Film Festival has just finished, and on its closing night I was able to see Sherpa – Trouble on Everest, the 2015 documentary from director Jennifer Peedom. Sherpa, as the name suggests, is about the Sherpa people of the Khumbu valley in Nepal who work in the profitable but treacherous climbing… Read more »

Off to the Outdoor Show 2016

Steve and Arran Evison are off to the Outdoor Show in London today. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to and hopefully making some new friends contacts. If you have not been before, it can be an interesting event, if perhaps a little too focused on outdoor adventure, personal challenge and gear and rather… Read more »

Back in the green

Finally home. Suffering with a chest infection so on the antibiotics! But wow, isn’t Britain green. It’s so noticeable after being away. Yes we get a lot of rain, but hey, look at the growth we get as a result. Bring on the green….!

Sherpa fundraiser

My last night in Kathmandu for the trip, ended with attending the excellent fundraiser gig for those killed in the recent Everest disaster. Well done to all involved, a supreme effort.

Back in Kathmandu

Back in Kathmandu after plane delays and cancellations in Lukla which led to over 1.5 days of delay in our schedule and thats a lot less than many as we chartered a helicopter to come down. I have had limited internet lately so will post some updates over the next few days. The important thing… Read more »

Getting colder!!

Starting to move higher on the mountain now and the temperature in the evenings is lower. Funny really, out in this beautiful space and you find you spend more and more time hiding inside a tent keeping warm!

Ready to climb

Practicing rope work today. Off to base camp tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the mountain. Limited wifi, not surprisingly. Don’t expect photos folks. More wen I am down a bit lower!

Getting ready

We are now at the bottom of cho la pass. Already been quite high. Tomorrow we set off for bad camp. Very slow internet but amazing to hav it up here.

A gentle walk in local hills

After some time relaxing and catching up on e-mails and work in the morning is was off to the edge of Kathmandu for a walk in local hills. We climbed up to a monastery and enjoyed the views from the beautiful garden, the calm inside the monastery and a welcome cool lassi drink. Then we… Read more »


Arrived in Kathmandu and we are enjoying having time for some quiet preparation. One day delay already, but it quite nice really as give a little time to catch up on sleep deprivation and settle in. Basically due to recent bad weather which has delayed flights in to Lukla and caused a backlog! So, its… Read more »

All the gear and no idea…..!

Well, our spare room seems to be filling up with my various bits of kit. Most dusted down from the past, but some brand spanking new. All very exciting. It is surprising how much kit I seem to need just to get up a hill! Anyway, those of you who have asked will be pleased to hear… Read more »

Himalayas here I come……..

Hi, I am Steve Evison, one of the founders of Nearly Wild and Nearly Wild Camping. This blog is a place that we will build up stories and resources to inspire each other to explore the natural world, and hopefully work to protect it. The first blog posts will probably be about some of my family and friends own… Read more »