Nearly Wild was founded by Steve and Irene Evison, along with their two children Kerry and Arran) following many years working in environmental land management, nature based business and community work.

Steve Evison
Irene Evison

Their expertise is built on practical experience built up over more than 35 years in the UK and overseas. This includes extended periods living and working in remote areas, including Alaska and Tanzania.

In 1997, they established and ran a ‘living geography’ consultancy, Resources for Change, now employee owned and for which they still work as consultants. In 2010, they took on a smallholding now run as a small eco-location on the England-Wales border, Underhill Farm. Buidling on their own excperience at Underhill, they also established Nearly Wild Camping, a member owned co-op linking a network of wilder camping locations across Britain (and even a few overseas). The organisation helps members of all backgrounds to leave the boundaries of campsites and discover their own bit of wild, whilst learning from local hosts about wildlife, the countryside and landscape.

Tom Endacott supports Nearly Wild with our IT and web-based elements. Tom also works as a consultant with the family owned gfleet, and is able to offer carbon footprinting services for organisations wishing to determine how much carbon they produce and how best to sequestre carbon. If you wish too know more about this and how we work with Tom and Chris to help you look at the best carbon options for your environmental work then please get in touch tom@gfleet.co.uk.

Tom is also a keen Nearly Wild explorer himself, his current project is renovating a sailing boat for future solo and shared coastal and marine explorations. We are really looking forward to joining him for a few filming trips!

SO WHAT IS Nearly Wild ?

Nearly Wild is here to support nature based trade. Supporting, promoting and networking Nature Based Business with those seeking their services. Bringing together the people who want to connect with and explore the natural world (Explorers) and the people who work to provide opportunities for exploring it (Nature Based Business). We also work with individuals, organisations and projects that support the development of a nature based approach and nature based trade.

To help people find stuff, the Nearly Wild portal also hosts a directory which is a totally FREE service for providers to list on and for explorers to use.

WHY CALL IT Nearly Wild ?

We live in a fascinating world, and whilst we may not realise it, everything links back to nature. People are part of the natural world and it is part of us. We have changed the natural world and it has changed us. In truth we are part of the ecological system and nothing is really truly ‘wild’ or ‘natural’, it is in fact semi-natural or, as we like to call it ... Nearly Wild.