Nearly Wild Exploration provides four main services:

In addition to this portal where we help bring everything together for you to enjoy, share your services or find new opportunities, we:

NEARLY WILD EXPLORATION SERVICES Individuals, families and other Nearly Wild Explorers Organisations, businesses & providers of Nearly Wild Opportunities
Link up and Share with others Share experiences and explorations with like-minded people. Join the Nearly Wild Group to get even more out of your exploration. Get discounts and benefit from social and fun experiences. Brokered search to find others to develop your products or other services for mutual benefit. Share experiences, good practice and benefit from collective learning.
Build your Knowledge and Skills Provided by Nearly Wild Exploration itself, volunteering, training and personal development opportunities, to help in your work, or give direction to find your new job / lifestyle working more with nature. Online and face to courses, meeting and facilitated sharing spaces to build your skills and knowledge to help engage people in the natural world, benefiting business and / or your mission.
Experiences and Adventures Find numerous different ways to explore and enjoy the natural world at home, away, at work or play.
The natural approach to healthy lifestyles.
Promote places, products, experiences and services to the public through physical and online presence and support.
Get insights Get insights into the latest ideas, technologies, approaches and cool stuff that helps you explore, understand and work with the natural world. Direct, practical and down to earth insights based on solid research into the attitudes and behaviours of those you wish to reach, helping grow your business and / or deliver your organisations mission.

For individuals:

We do this by:

  • Offering freedom to choose, bringing together a wealth of opportunities through our online portal
  • Making it fun and easy to explore the natural world
  • Publicising all sorts of different ways to explore the natural world, from family activities to work or volunteering, from skills training to pure fun.
  • Giving people a way to find what suits them without having to join expensive organisations, travel miles from home or learn complicated Latin names!
  • Providing specific training and bespoke opportunities
  • Providing relevant information and expertise

Join our supporters club to get more involved, find other special opportunities, get discounts from our partners and meet and socialise with like-minded people on a similar journey.

For businesses, organisations and providers:

We do this by:

  • Providing an online ‘portal’ to promote natural products, experiences and places which will be there for the long-term (not limited by grant lifecycles or political whims!).
  • Bringing new, unusual and sometimes unlikely partners together to create new products and approaches that work towards a common goal of connecting people and nature.
  • Brokering new ways of working across and between all types of organisations, with no ‘baggage’ or restricting agendas beyond our core principles.
  • Providing expertise, ideas and support for project and product development focussed on connecting people and nature.
  • Providing avenues for direct marketing through our online portal, presence at exhibition stands and at other events.
  • Delivering relevant training.
  • Hosting learning spaces
  • Offering practical delivery support packages.
  • Opening up new networks.
  • Acting as a critical friend or providing a mentoring role.
  • Hosting purposeful social events and links to others on the same journey towards seeking new ways of working for the benefit of nature

Contact us for more information on what we can do and our rates.